Rune: Wild Boar

5518 studios rune ragnarok boar fur textures 02

Textures. Unreal engine. Color variations.

5518 studios board

Textures. Close-up. Unreal engine.

5518 studios rune ragnarok boar hp fixes 01

Zbrush Sculpt works.

Client: Human Head Studios
Game: Rune Ragnarok
Services Provided: Concept-art, Modeling, Texturing, Unreal integration
Objective: 5518 Studios art team was tasked to make some great creatures for the latest game Rune: Ragnarok (
Days to complete: 13 Days (Sculpt 4 days, Low and Uvs 3 days, Bakes 1 day, Textures 3 days, Fur 2 days).
Thank you so much for amazing support and effort from Human Head Studios team.